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Sometimes one single random episode other than the pilot makes you interested to watch the full TV series. In the case of “The Boys” TV series, that part is Episode 7 of the second season. ‘The Boys’ is the current hot topic in the universe of TV/Web series. Everyone is talking about this. This series is created by Eric Kripke who is also the creator of the long-running very famous series “Supernatural’. The Boys is airing on Prime video by Amazon. Today I am going to discuss the episode that is very important for the series and also one of the most entertaining. It’s better to mention before initiating that this blog contains a few not-so-important spoilers.

Why one will like this:


This episode started with one of the most dramatically strange scenes I have ever seen and that scene is remotely related but very meaningful to the main story. This episode covered almost every side of the story. There are kidnap  & rescue of starlight, the personal life of Billy Butcher, Suicide of a Supe! And a bloody shocking hearing of the case against Vought International where is everyone is for their head, literally! This one is the perfect episode before the most awaited season finale and as usual sense of humor is very subtle yet enjoyable in this episode.


Veteran director Stefan Schwartz knows well how to grab the attention of the audience uninterruptedly. In this post Avenger situation, everyone was looking for something heroic but not so depended on special effects, and “The Boys “ is matched with all the desires. And it satisfied us. Stephan Schwartz maintained the quality at every level and presented us with a neat episode. No scene was too long or boring or boring scenes have been changed before getting too long like the scene of Hughie babysitting lamplighter. Overall, on the verge of the season finale, this episode was meant to be an unpredictable interesting one and the director is successful to do so.



“ What a Wonderful World!”, the episode starts with this song and the scene is 180 degrees different from it. I like the strange combination to the fullest, it was calm and extreme!! Music has played a vital role here. Christopher Lennertz has done a wonderful job, especially the climaxing scene in the courtroom. The music had paced up with a story and didn’t cringe.

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The Boys

Acting has always played a pivotal role in the success of this series, especially in season 2. But I would like to mention a few names who have made episode 7  exciting. Karl Urban in his usual grumpy appearance led the whole team as well disturbed by his parents and as a parent. I liked how Antony Starr made Homelander an annoying and arrogant character, Homelander kidnapped his son form his mother!  And Jack Quaid , without him this series cannot be completed, from the first episode, I’m his fan. He portrayed the role of average Hughie so efficiently and seamlessly, it never felt that he is taking advantage of being the son of famous parents from the same industry. It seems he is very friendly..


THE BOYS is a very special TV series that we haven’t witnessed in recent times. It fulfills our appetite for a good drama with suspense and action with a pinch of fiction. And the 7th episode of season 2 named  “Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker” is a real treat. Watch this and comment below, how did you like this one? Did you continue to watch the full series?

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