AUGUST is another great month for movies and tv series. Lots of promising movies are releasing this month. So without any further delay, let’s talk about them.

MOVIES to watch in IN AUGUST 2021


Release Date: 04.08.2021

August watch list

This month starts with a most awaited DC movie. This movie is likely to be the continuation of the first part. Though we will miss the charismatic appearance of Will Smith but there are a lot of new additions that will make you thrilled. The trailer tells that, it has a good story. And Director James Gunn previously amazed us with the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series. So be ready to watch a super villain(or hero?) movie with an epic cast ensemble of  Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena, Joel Kinnaman, Sylvester Stallone, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, and Peter Capaldi.


Release Date: 06.08.2021

august watch list

Sometimes you wait for a movie that is worthwhile to wait. Well “Naked Singularity” is that kind of movie. The screenplay writer of “IT” has directed the movie. Look out for some crime/romance/comedy and John Boyega, Olivia Cooke, Bill Skarsgård, Ed Skrein.


Release Date: 13.08.2021

august watch list

Atlast!!! Atlast!!  The movie is releasing. Nothing new to say about this Shawn Levy directed and Ryan Reynolds acted movie. Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, and Taika Waititi are in other main roles


Release Date: 13.08.2021

august watch list

Now is time for a biopic, biopic of legendary R&B singer, Aretha Franklin. Jenifer Hudson has portrayed the role and Oscar winner Forest Whitaker supported her in this movie.


Release Date: 13.08.2021

From the trailer, it seems to be a fast-paced action-packed thriller movie. This film set in the majestic ambiance of Greece. John David Washington is the protagonist in this movie. Alicia Vikander is also in this movie(I think as a guest appearance). Watch this one for some good response.


Release Date: 13.08.2021

This week you shall be in a dilemma regarding which movie to see first. Because this one is also going to be released this week. You must remember the first part was full of suspense and a new kind of action. Stephen Lang returned as the protagonist. Watch this one for something new.


Release Date: 13.08.2021

Don’t dare to miss this one, else you will miss a feel-good family movie. CODA is about a deaf family and only hearing person. remember this is not a pity movie. This trailer is already a hit, time to watch the full movie. Another thing this movie trailer has an astonishing similarity with 1996 Indian movie “Khamoshi(Silence: The Musical)”.


Release Date: 18.08.2021

august watch list

Nothing is more addictive than the past”+ Hugh Jackman + Inception vibes…. All these are stored in this movie. Additionally, you’ll get a good story, Rebecca Ferguson , and Thandiwe Newton. So don’t be late, grab the popcorn and watch this movie.


Release Date: 20.08.2021

If you have loved Nikita, you would love this. Maggie Q  is going to avenge her trainer’s (Samuel L. Jackson) death and there is Michael Keaton. The creator is a renowned action movie director.


Release Date: 20.08.2021

This is a horror, thriller mystery movie starring Rebecca Hall a protagonist. David Bruckner’s last movie “The Ritual”  was an unusual type of creepy horror movie.


Release date: 06.08.2021

Keep this movie in your bucket list. This movie will give us joy. Udo Kier is in a special role.

Special Mentions:

So this is the list of movies, apart from them I have some special mentions for you. “Sweet Girl”  starring Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced.

TV-Series to watch in IN AUGUST 2021


First episode: 06.8.2021

august watch list

Another good series from Apple Tv, MR.Corman starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Josh Corman a public school teacher who always shows ok in life but he is not.


First episode: 08.08.2021

This mini-series is a documentary series on our fantasy and reality regarding UFOs.


First episode: 09.08.2021

august watch list

Taika Waititi is the co-creator of this beautiful series. The story of four native Native American teenagers growing up on a reservation. It’s a crime-comedy too. Don’t miss it!!


First Episode: 15.08.2021

After the super-hit series Arrow, Stephen Amell again plays the role of a protagonist. he is a professional fighter here.


Release Date: 11.08.21

Another Tv-series from Marvel but this one is Animated. It tells the story of an alternate version and from the trailer, it seems that the story starts from the very first Marvel movie “Ironman”.


Release Date: 18.08.21

august watch list

Want a  fresh mystery thriller TV series? watch this Nicole Kidman, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Shannon, Regina Hall are leading the cast along with others.


Release Date: 31.08.2021

august watch list

on the last day of the month, an interesting comedy–crime series is going to be broadcast starring Steve Martin, Selena Gomez in the lead roles. watch this for some crime and genuine comedy.

Special mentions:

WALKING DEAD(SEASON 11) and ARCHER(Season 12) are very popular tv-series which are also renewing this month.

So this is the complete list. Hope you will enjoy the shows. Let me know by commenting below and feel free to add to this list.


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